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Product Description:

Sodium sulphite is a frequently employed chemical compound utilised as a scavenging solution within the oil and gas sector. The process eliminates the presence of dissolved oxygen in the water utilised during drilling and producing activities. The significance of this matter is in the potential reactivity between oxygen and the metallic pipes and equipment employed within the industrial sector, which might lead to the gradual occurrence of corrosion and subsequent impairment. Explore the efficacy of Sodium Sulphite manufactured by ICPL - an excellent Sodium Sulphite manufacturer in India, a cutting-edge solution specifically engineered to counteract the detrimental effects of oxygen-induced corrosion. ICPL, a recognised Sodium Sulphite manufacturer in Vadodara, Gujarat, India, provides a novel formulation that serves to protect valuable equipment, improve operational effectiveness, and prolong the longevity of assets.

The sodium sulphite scavenger solution is typically introduced into the water stream prior to its entry into the production process. The chemical compound undergoes a reaction with the molecular oxygen that is present within the aqueous medium, resulting in the conversion of the oxygen into sodium sulphate. The aforementioned chemical reaction effectively decreases the concentration of oxygen to a level that is considered safe for metal pipes and equipment. The Sodium Sulphite offered by ICPL - a trusted Sodium Sulphite manufacturer in Gujarat provides a wide range of protective capabilities, effectively serving as a strong barrier against corrosive substances and ensuring the preservation of the integrity of various assets in different applications.

The utilisation of sodium sulphite scavenger solution is prevalent in the oil and gas sector for various additional applications, including:

  • Removing chlorine from water:When chlorine comes into contact with metal, it can corrode pipes and other hardware. Before chlorine production begins, sodium sulfite can be used to eliminate chlorine from the water.
  • Reducing hydrogen sulfide:Toxic hydrogen sulphide gas must be mitigated whenever oil or gas is extracted from the ground. The concentration of hydrogen sulphide in process water can be lowered by using sodium sulfite.
  • Dechlorinating hydrocarbons:Chlorine can also be present in hydrocarbon liquids like crude oil, hence it is necessary to remove it by the process of dechlorination. The chlorine in these liquids can be eliminated using sodium sulphite before they are transported or processed.


  • Corrosion Prevention:
    Pipelines, storage tanks, and similar equipment can be protected from the corrosive effects of oxygen and other oxidising chemicals by using a sodium sulfite scavenger solution.
  • Cost-effective:
    Sodium sulfite scavenger solution is a cost-effective option for many oil and gas firms because it is affordable in comparison to other corrosion inhibitors.
  • Environmentally friendly:
    Because of its low toxicity and low impact on the environment, sodium sulfite is a viable candidate for use in the oil and gas industry.
  • Easy to use:
    Sodium sulfite scavenger solution is a simple and convenient method for preventing corrosion since it may be injected into process streams with little effort.
  • High efficiency:
    To effectively purge process streams of dissolved oxygen and other oxidising contaminants, a sodium sulfite scavenger solution is an excellent choice. It's an effective method for protecting oil and gas infrastructure against corrosion.

The reputation of ICPL as a reputable Sodium Sulphite supplier in India is indicative of our steadfast dedication to maintaining high standards of quality and dependability. Our solutions have a global reach, providing reliable corrosion protection for essential infrastructure across several industries. We redefine corrosion prevention, extending its reach from Vadodara to worldwide markets. Embrace the prospective advancements in oxygen scavenging by partnering with ICPL - a prominent Sodium Sulphite exporter in India, thereby positioning oneself at the forefront of this technological frontier.

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