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Product Description:

Amines are nitrogen-containing organic chemicals. Amines are commonly employed as biocides in the oil and gas sector. Biocides are chemicals that prevent or destroy microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, and algae. Amine-based biocides from Imperial Oilfield Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. (ICPL) - a renowned Amine Based Biocide manufacturer in India offer superior protection against microorganisms. ICPL is the leading Amine Based Biocide manufacturer in Gujarat with headquarters in Vadodara. They are dedicated to providing cutting-edge methods of preventing the spread of harmful microorganisms, protecting the integrity of their systems, and increasing their businesses' productivity.

Since microorganisms can disrupt oil and gas production and transportation, amine-based biocides are very effective in this sector. Biofilms produced by microorganisms, for instance, can cause blockages in pipelines, corrosion of machinery, and a decline in oil and gas quality. Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) is a hazardous gas that can be produced by microorganisms, which can pose serious safety risks.

Amine-based biocides kill microbes by damaging their cells. During the drilling, completion, and production phases of oil and gas extraction, they can be integrated into the systems. The level of control desired, the system being treated, and the type of microorganism present all play a role in determining which amine-based biocide to use. Being a prominent Amine Based Biocide manufacturer in Vadodara, ICPL is dedicated to providing only the highest quality products. Our products are exported to countries where there is a high demand for effective methods of microbial control.

Quaternary ammonium compounds (QACs), alkyl amines, and amine oxide derivatives are all examples of amine-based biocides that see widespread application in the oil and gas industry. Because of their broad spectrum activity, low toxicity, and stability under a variety of situations, QACs find widespread application. While QACs have many potential benefits, they are not without drawbacks.

When it comes to preventing the spread of harmful bacteria and fungi during oil and gas production and transport, amine-based biocides are an invaluable instrument. ICPL is a reputed Amine Based Biocide exporter in India that has been instrumental in boosting the state's manufacturing sector. Produced locally in Vadodara, our Amine Based Biocides improve the reliability and effectiveness of regional manufacturing infrastructure.


  • Preventing microbial corrosion:
    Corrosion in oil and gas equipment caused by microorganisms can cause both premature failure of the equipment and potential safety risks. By inhibiting the proliferation of bacteria and other microorganisms, biocides based on amines can aid in the prevention of microbial corrosion.
  • Enhancing production:
    Congestion and inefficiency in oil and gas extraction can be caused by microbial development. Biocides based on amines have been shown to reduce the likelihood of pipeline clogs and boost oil and gas flow, both of which contribute to greater output.
  • Protecting equipment:
    Preventing equipment fouling and damage caused by microorganisms, which shortens the useful life of oil and gas machinery. Protecting machinery from microbes extends its useful life and reduces the need for costly repairs by using a biocide based on amines.
  • Ensuring safety and compliance:
    Safeguarding against environmental and occupational threats caused by microbial proliferation. When it comes to safety and environmental standards, the oil and gas industry can rest easy knowing that amine-based biocides are being used to keep both workers and the environment safe.
  • Cost-effective:
    Compared to alternative techniques of suppressing microbial development, such as frequent cleaning or replacing equipment, amine-based biocides are cost-effective. The oil and gas industry can cut down on costly repairs and upkeep by switching to biocides based on amines.

Choose ICPL's Amine Based Biocides as a proactive measure to combat microbial growth. Our proposed solutions effectively address the problems of biofouling, corrosion, and other challenges resulting from microorganisms, thereby significantly improving the overall reliability and lifespan of the system. The commitment of ICPL - a distinct Amine Based Biocide supplier in India to environmental responsibility is evident in the solutions it offers. The Amine Based Biocides offered by our company not only demonstrate efficacy in microbial control but also demonstrate a strong alignment with environmentally sustainable practices. This reflects our dedication to promoting both industrial advancement and ecological balance.

Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Djibouti, Yemen, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Libya, Malta, Morocco, Palestine, and Syria are just some of the countries that ICPL supplies with its specialised oilfield chemicals. Our services extend across international boundaries, providing oilfields in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region with superior performance and corrosion prevention.