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Product Description:

The rising need for efficient biocides in the industrial and agricultural sectors has spurred developments in their formulation. In this category, triazine-based biocides stand out for their potent antibacterial effects. A major Triazine Based Biocide manufacturer in India, Imperial Oilfield Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. (ICPL), located in the state of Gujarat's industrial capital, Vadodara, is at the forefront of this advancement. Biocides based on triazines are widely employed in the oil and gas sector to reduce the risk of biofouling and microbial development in production systems. The formation of biofilms that obstruct the flow of oil and gas are only two of the many issues that can be caused by an abundance of microorganisms.

Because of their ability to break through biofilms and kill any microorganisms that may be present, biocides based on triazines are highly effective at limiting microbial development. They kill microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, and viruses by interfering with their metabolism. ICPL, an excellent Triazine Based Biocide manufacturer in Gujarat has a thriving presence in Vadodara, where it makes use of the city's advanced manufacturing facilities and highly trained labour force to create Triazine Based Biocides that meet or exceed international benchmarks. Their commitment to accuracy and creativity has allowed them to grow from a local supplier to a national and international exporter of biocides.

Biocides based on triazines are commonly added to production fluids, injection water, and other production fluids in the oil and gas industry. Depending on the use, the biocide is administered in quantities ranging from 50 ppm to 500 ppm.

There are a number of triazine-based biocides on the market today. Some examples include hexahydro-1,3,5-tris(2-hydroxyethyl)-s-triazine (HHT), 2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one (MIT), and 5-chloro-2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one (CMIT). The oil and gas business makes use of a wide variety of biocides, each of which has specific qualities and applications. ICPL is an important player in meeting the needs of the Indian domestic market as the leading Triazine Based Biocide exporter in India. This is especially important as the nation's economy grows and more uses for biocides, such as in water purification and farming, become necessary.

Triazine-based biocides are excellent at preventing the spread of disease, but they can have unintended consequences if they are not used in a safe manner. The danger of environmental contamination can be reduced by following correct handling and disposal methods. For the best results and the lowest possible danger of microbial development, it is essential to use these biocides manufactured by ICPL - a prominent Triazine Based Biocide manufacturer in Vadodara, in conjunction with other measures, such as routine cleaning and repair of equipment.

ICPL, being an international Triazine Based Biocide supplier based in India, is able to meet the growing demand for efficient antimicrobial solutions in a wide range of sectors around the world. Our dedication to quality guarantees the continued efficacy and stability of the Triazine Based Biocides sold to international markets.


  • Effective against a wide range of microorganisms:
    In order to prevent biofouling, corrosion, and souring in the oil and gas system, triazine-based biocides can be used to efficiently inhibit the growth of a wide range of microorganisms.
  • Low toxicity:
    Triazine-based biocides are less toxic than other biocides and are therefore easier to work with and deploy. They are not damaging to the environment and have a low toxicity level.
  • Stable under a wide range of conditions:
    Triazine-based biocides are stable in a wide variety of environments, from high temperatures and pressures to a variety of pH values. Because of this, they can withstand the extreme conditions found in the oil and gas industry.
  • Compatibility with other chemicals:
    Oilfield chemicals, such as corrosion inhibitors and demulsifiers, are compatible with triazine-based biocides. Because of their versatility, they are frequently employed in oil and gas production systems that combine multiple chemicals.
  • Cost-effective:
    Triazine-based biocides are cost-effective since they are less expensive than other biocides. As a result, they are an economical strategy for preventing the spread of bacteria in pipelines and other systems used to carry oil and gas.

An excellent Triazine Based Biocide manufacturer in Vadodara, ICPL, is recognised for its commitment to innovation and dependability. The company's contributions extend beyond the realm of production, embracing activities such as exporting and supplying. This serves to strengthen our position as a significant participant, not only within the regional market but also on a global scale. We demonstrate a steadfast dedication to excellence, showcasing the effectiveness of Triazine Based Biocides in protecting various sectors.

Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Djibouti, Yemen, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Libya, Malta, Morocco, Palestine, and Syria are just some of the countries that ICPL supplies with its specialised oilfield chemicals. Our services extend across international boundaries, providing oilfields in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region with superior performance and corrosion prevention.