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Product Description:

Drag Reducing Agents (DRAs), also known as Flow Improvers, are chemical substances that are employed within the oil and gas sector with the purpose of mitigating the frictional resistance or drag encountered in pipelines. This application ultimately leads to an enhancement in the fluid flow of substances such as crude oil, natural gas, and refined goods. Drag reducing agents (DRAs) are polymer compounds that are introduced into a fluid stream at low concentrations, usually below 100 parts per million (ppm). As an acknowledged Drag Reducing Agent manufacturer in India, our primary objective is to augment operational performance by providing advanced solutions that effectively mitigate friction, enhance flow dynamics, and optimise various operations.

The enhancement of flow by drag reducing agents (DRAs) is attributed to the creation of elongated polymer chains that function as a lubricating agent between the fluid and the inner surfaces of the pipeline. The implementation of this technique leads to a reduction in turbulence and drag phenomena occurring within the pipeline, consequently yielding decreased pressure drops and increased flow rates. Consequently, the use of DRA systems manufactured by ICPL - an excellent Drag Reducing Agent manufacturer in Vadodara has the potential to mitigate energy usage, enhance production rates, and diminish maintenance expenses linked to pipeline corrosion and erosion.

Diluted bitumen and natural gas are frequently conveyed by Dilbit Recovery Assemblies (DRAs) across extensive distances, where the pipeline's frictional losses can be substantial. Additionally, these devices find application in offshore production facilities with the purpose of enhancing fluid flow through subsea pipelines. ICPL distinguishes itself as a prominent Drag Reducing Agent manufacturer in Gujarat due to its extensive knowledge and proficiency in drag reduction technology. ICPL - a noteworthy Drag Reducing Agent supplier in India is equipped with advanced technology, allowing us to offer high-quality drag reducing solutions that are suitable for a wide range of applications in many sectors.

Polyacrylamide (PAM) is a highly prevalent drag reducing agent (DRA) within the oil and gas sector. Additional examples of polymers utilised as drag reducing agents (DRAs) encompass polyethylene oxide (PEO), xanthan gum, and guar gum. The choice of a Displacement-Regulated Actuator (DRA) is contingent upon the particular application and the characteristics of the fluid being conveyed. The assortment of Drag Reducing Agents offered by ICPL - the most distinguished Drag Reducing Agent exporter in India extends beyond traditional solutions. Our formulations are designed to address a range of fluid transport difficulties, including boosting pipeline efficiency and lowering pressure drops, in order to achieve optimal flow performance.


  • Increased flow rate:
    DRAs can increase oil and gas flow rates by decreasing the frictional resistance of the fluid flow within pipelines. This has the potential to boost pipeline throughput and operational efficiency.
  • Lower pressure drop:
    Reduced energy consumption due to a lower pressure drop along pipes is made possible by DRAs. Energy efficiency and lower running expenses are two potential outcomes.
  • Reduced pumping costs:
    As a result of the increased flow rate, less expensive pumping equipment and less energy are required, resulting in savings.
  • Reduced corrosion:
    In addition to lowering corrosion rates, DRAs lessen the amount of time that fluid spends in contact with pipeline walls. As a result, pipes can last longer with less need for repairs.
  • Improved pipeline integrity:
    Reduced risk of pipeline damage from turbulence and pressure surges is one of the many benefits of DRAs. The safety, security, and reliability of pipelines can all see significant improvements if this is implemented.
  • Increased pipeline capacity:
    DRAs can improve pipeline capacity by eliminating bottlenecks and increasing flow rates, allowing for a greater volume of oil and gas to be carried with less waste.

The utilisation of ICPL's Drag Reducing Agents results in an improvement in operating efficiency. Our solutions enable the optimisation of energy usage, reduction of maintenance costs, and promotion of the smooth flow of fluids by minimising frictional losses and pressure drops. ICPL's Drag Reducing Agents offer a promising avenue for enhancing fluid transportation efficiency in the future. From Vadodara to global markets, ICPL redefines flow optimization. Partner with us today.

Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Djibouti, Yemen, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Libya, Malta, Morocco, Palestine, and Syria are just some of the countries that ICPL supplies with its specialised oilfield chemicals. Our services extend across international boundaries, providing oilfields in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region with superior performance and corrosion prevention.